In addition to stellar lawn care and yard transformation offerings, we also offer some other services. All of these can be bundled into lawn care and other services at the same time, or done separately. 

Spring/Fall Cleanup

With summer fast approaching we understand you'll want to have your yard looking its very best! We offer yard cleanup services at competitive rates in the area, charging around $85/hour for a crew to perform a typical yard cleanup. 

Foliage Trimming & Cleanup

We also offer foliage trimming year-round, keeping your trees and small bushes looking stellar as well. This is usually done every few months, especially in the spring and fall. On average, it is an additional $60-80/hour to have bushes trimmed.

Mulch Application

We offer mulch application services at competitive prices, between $105 and $125 per yard depending on the nature of installation. These prices include labor, delivery and material cost, this also includes a pre-application spraydown with commerical grade herbicides.


Like mulch, pinestraw is a great way to keep your yard looking neat and pretty! We charge between $10 and $12 per bale for pinestraw installation. Contact us today for bulk pinestraw installation discounts!

Property Staging

First impressions matter. Luscious greens with clean and clear exteriors will help increase the value of your home listing. Attract potential home buyers with expert property staging from PeakScaping LLC. If you're a real estate agent in Raleigh and the surrounding areas, reach out for a quote today!